Saturday, August 10, 2013

AnZiPanZ Designs is OPEN for BUSINESS!

Well folks I made it official on 8/9/2013 on the site Store!  
I even put a button on my blog....see look to your it and it takes you right to my store front!

I have been slow about getting this set up but now it's done and it's off to the races.  Because now not only do I need to advertise, advertise, advertise, I also need to keep my bead pliers humming by making more pieces for everyone!

Whew! Just tired thinking about it, but God has blessed me this far so I am praying for more Creativity and Awesome health!

Thanks for reading my Blog and taking a little time to visit the store at

Just a Little bit of Sparkle

Always Brightens my day!

Peace & God's Greatest Blessings to You

Anzia aka Zia Parks

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