It's Finished! ....some of the pieces that I have done

March 5,2013 Upload! 
Dad's Browns Bling Christmas 2013
Kamia's Butterfly's ~ 2012

2012 Overcomer's Award Gift~ MYSKI Confernce
2012 Overcomer's Award Gift~ MYSKI Confernce

6th Birthday Unicorn Necklace 2012 ~ Acrylic & glass beads


"Cameron's Love" ~
This one was co-designed by my nephew Cameron Parks, It was a gift for his mother.

Lynn's Wedding Gift II

Custom Order 2011~Yeah! Jasper & Peridot Crystal Glass

Second custom order 2011! ~ Red hued Agates with glass beads

For Me!

Mother's Day bracelet redesign! Morphed into a whole set! lol!
Mommy's Pearls

Lynn's Wedding Gift IV

Lynn's Wedding Gift  

Diva's Fire ~2011

My first set of Cuff links~ aluminum chain
~ for my Pastor~

I will upload more later!

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