Friday, July 19, 2013

My "Mini Bead Hoard" Is still causing me problems!

This coming Saturday will be the Bead Hoarder's Blog Hop! I chose to participate because 1) This could help me get out of this "beader's block" 2) I need to string some beads or buy some new storage carts!

The first two pics is my first choice, needless to say I have pre-strung/ re-strung and banished these little buggers and the bead board they road in on, more times then I can count!  

These last two pics I added because I like looking at all my shiny baubles so I just added these color coded pics of my two fav color schemes just to take my mind off of the maddness above!

So if you know how to get a prayer through out there in Beady Land and abroad please pray for my Brain and Hands that they come together before July 20,2013....this Saturday!   

Peace & Blessings 

Anzia aka Zia Parks

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