Saturday, April 6, 2013

!UPDATE! Very Merry UnBirthday Party

I have the very Best UNBIRTHDAY Partner :
 Robin Kae Reed ~ ~

I couldn't help myself.. the other day when I got my present in the mail It made very HAPPY!
 So this what I put up on Facebook..!
Hi Robin,
I got my "Very Merry UnBirthday Gift" I am tickled fucshia!

Per the rules I know we can't share until 4/20 on our blogs but here's a peek of
'It's not Meatloaf!" But maybe a little roast beef! LMBO

Thanks for putting a smile on my I really needed a lift today!

See the little bit of blue sticking out that's my Gift! lol!
Just a peek so I won't get into trouble....hehe ...oh I'll let you in on the joke....I love Meatloaf! soooo she sent me Roast beef as a consolation prize! lol!


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