Sunday, March 10, 2013

Annie's Rosary Update (I finally remembered April Grinaway)

Hello everybody!

Just wanted to update you on my first Rosary project!  I did it a little differently than the standard because I have some hands get tucked out after so many hand made chain links, but it has all of the right sections it's just beaded!

My friend loved it, and she blessed my heart when she told me that she got it blessed and is using it! I did not expect that, a keepsake yes but not in daily prayer...still smiling and thankful for that blessing.

I started it in Dec. 2012 but finished it by January, I know updated the gals in my Bead Soup & Beads,Baubles and Jewels group but sadly neglected my blog.....soooooo sorry!

April Grinaway from of Brooklyn Bead Goddess, asked about it back in December so this is for her too!




  1. Hi Zia,
    Beautiful! Your detailed work is amazing. I love this piece~ Wonderful job!
    Can't wait to see more ~



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