Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My first Bead Soup!

I am participating in the Kalmbach Jewelry Books Bead Soup here's my entry:
I even got to try out my coiling gizmo!

Bead Stash

Very surprised when I got brown & green Hues plus seed beads OMG!

This is my first "public" piece... hope you like it


Memories & Thanks Blog Hop

I have no idea if this how I am supposed to do this but:

I want to honor the meomory of so many but I think I will make something for my grandmother Rosalee Adkins.  My mom & i always shared this pendant of hers but this year it got chipped so I am out to design something new to honor her memory for both of us to wear!

I am brand new at this blog business!

Hello, first post, so this will be corny! Wait they all may be corny, so brace yourself! lol!
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