Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My first Bead Soup!

I am participating in the Kalmbach Jewelry Books Bead Soup here's my entry:
I even got to try out my coiling gizmo!

Bead Stash

Very surprised when I got brown & green Hues plus seed beads OMG!

This is my first "public" piece... hope you like it



  1. This is a lovely piece and I am glad we both got to be in such wonderful company with the other participants. It was fun to celebrate the Bead Soup book - don't you think?

  2. Yeah, even though I was shaking in my boots, I was able to complete it and turn it in. I met a lot of great people by doing this and I am glad. Glad you are one of them my friend.

  3. Hi Zia, Great piece you created. I loved being involved with the Kalmbach Jewelry Books Bead Soup Party too!


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